Can Joss Whedon And Batgirl Save The DCEU From Itself?

03.30.17 17 Comments

It’s a well-known fact that making The Avengers: Age of Ultron just about broke Joss Whedon. But creating franchise film installments for the superhero industrial complex must be like childbirth — give it a few years and you forget all the pain and think about doing it again. Because Whedon is returning to the fray, this time for Warner Bros. and DC Comics with a stand-alone Batgirl movie.

As of this writing, not much is known beyond the fact this is probably happening. If and when the deal goes through, Whedon will be attached to write, direct, and produce the film for the DCEU, much to the chagrin of Twitter fanboys who have used Joss Whedon as a beacon of everything that is “wrong” about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and why DC’s darker aesthetic is ultimately superior. They can take solace in knowing Whedon will only be “ruining” Batgirl with his love of quips and a color palette not drenched in an inky wash.

Despite being one of the most recognizable superheroes on the planet, Batgirl has never received her own film. Alicia Silverstone played Barbara Gordon in Batman & Robin but let’s all pretend that never happened. And while Whedon will always be a lightning rod in the feminist geek community — he’s a straight white male writing women — he’s one of the better allies. If Warner Bros. couldn’t or wouldn’t get a female writer and director, they could do a lot worse than Whedon.

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