Jude Law Will Co-Star In ‘Captain Marvel’ With Brie Larson

Fresh off that Young Pope Dumbledore grind, Jude Law will co-star alongside Brie Larson in Captain Marvel, according to Variety.

As we learned at San Diego Comic Con this year, Captain Marvel will take place in the 1990s, before Tony Stark became Iron Man and before the Avengers as we know them in the MCU assembled. The film will follow Air Force pilot Carol Danvers (Larson), who gains superpowers after an accident imbues her with alien DNA, in her fight against the Skrulls, an alien race of shapeshifters. Per Variety‘s source, Law will play Dr. Walter Lawson — a.k.a. Mar-Vell, the original Captain Marvel — a mentor figure to Danvers as she gets acquainted with her superpowers.

Rogue One‘s Ben Mendelsohn was announced last month as the as-yet-unknown primary villain of the film, and Samuel L. Jackson is expected to appear as Nick Fury. Beyond that, we don’t know a ton about the film beyond its directors, Half-Nelson helmers Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, and its release date: March 8, 2019. That will likely be our first cinematic encounter with Danvers, as Joe Russo, director of Avengers: Infinity War, has said she will not appear in that film, though she will appear in the fourth Avengers installment, set for release two months after Captain Marvel. And according to Marvel president Kevin Feige, Captain Marvel will have far-reaching implications.

“We’re really focusing on ‘Captain Marvel’ and the work that Anna and Ryan are doing. It’s going to be a big part of heading towards this epic conclusion and epic finale of 22 movies over the course of 10 years. That is focus for the next six movies we have to finish and get out.”