Watch The Flash Speed Into Action In The Latest ‘Justice League’ Trailer Tease

Fans who are eagerly awaiting the first complete Justice League trailer won’t get their wish granted until this weekend, but in the lead up to that premiere Warner Bros. has been releasing brief looks at each member of the league in the form of short snippets of their action scenes. First was Aquaman and his trident, then Batman and his Batmobile taking on a Parademon, and now it’s The Flash’s turn. In the clip, we see Barry Allen preparing himself for action while fully dressed in his signature red suit, preparing to jump into action, and then actually running which is an exciting glimpse at what’s to come.

It’s possible Ezra Miller may have the biggest shoes to fill in this blockbuster. Ben Affleck has already portrayed Batman on screen once so the pressure is less for him, Gal Gadot’s make or break moment will be in the standalone Wonder Woman film, and nobody is that obsessed with Aquaman. But Miller has a television counterpart that people love and adore already, and as such he will not only need to sell the darkness of Justice League but he will be immediately compared to Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the same character on the CW. That’s a tall order for an actor who doesn’t have much tentpole movie experience.

The first trailer to “Unite the League” will drop on Saturday with everybody included. Until then, everybody will have to continue watching the teasers over and over again to try and pull fresh details out of each frame.