Justin Bieber goes ‘All Around The World’ on new video, literally: Watch

Justin Bieber brings his “Believe” tour to you with his new video for “All Around The World.”

The song focuses on the universal desire to be loved, while the video takes the “all around the world” part literally. We see Bieber on stage across the planet, interspersed with shots of instantly recognizable landmarks in places like  Sydney, Rome, and Rio de Janeiro.

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But what would a JB video be without screaming fans flailing themselves into a frenzy over their outsized love for the Bieb? So we get that too with shots of girls flinging themselves at cars, holding up signs declaring their love for JB and going crazy in concert.

And in Ludacris, who shows up to duet with Bieber on “All Around the World” and you”ve pretty much got the holy grail of concert videos.

Seriously, for a “go on the road with me” video, “All Around the World” hits all the right notes.