Kanye West ramps up hype for new album with performance at the Met: Watch

Even as his girlfriend Kim Kardashian was whipping fashion-watchers up in a frenzy, Kanye West still managed to be the belle of the ball at the Met Gala last night. The punk-themed evening was, coincidentally, a fine match for what appears to be fits of screaming coming from the rapper and producer, who intro’ed his set with the phrase “I am a god.”

What follows is a series of Vine clips from the event, including what appears to be an ode to his pregnant girlfriend: “You’re awesome.”

And what matters less is how they sound: what’s more is that West is previewing new material at all.

A second case-in-point is that his production protege Hudson Mohawke, who’s signed to Ye’s GOOD Music label, reportedly spun two new West tunes during a gig last night [via Fake Shore Drive]. Details are a little more hazy on this one, but Kanye West forum Kanye To The ran a couple of short videos, having had some input from Kanye cohort Mike Dean.

Considering the clips haven’t been pulled, and that Mohawke has no need to bite the hand that feeds, either they weren’t finished enough to offend or he got Ye’s blessing to throw them on.

West took to his vacated Twitter account over the last week, to post just the words “June Eighteen.”


This could be his and Kardashian’s baby due date. It could also mean that, in just over a month, there could be a new song or album that arrives. He’s also on for another stint on “Saturday Night Live” on May 18.

These appearances and bits of chatter from his camp have indicated he’s got something up his skirt sleeve. Even if it is — as West’s recent collaborators Daft Punk said — “rapping, kind of screaming primally, actually.”