Karen Gillan’s feeling blue on the set of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2’

One of the highlights of my professional life so far was my experience with Masters Of Horror, and part of what made that so special was having KNB FX involved with the show on the make-up side of things. Howard Berger was our point person on season one, and Greg Nicotero was the point person on season two, and in both cases, it was awesome working with them. Watching them take our ideas from words on a page to designs on paper to actual working living things on the set was a huge thrill, especially for someone who grew up reading Fangoria. I've stayed friends with Derek Mears, who wore the suit as one of our monsters, and was just fascinated by the two days he was working with us.

By far, the greatest place I've ever been for a Halloween party was Rick Baker's Glendale studios, which doubled as a gallery as you can see in the video I embedded for fun above this story.

Out of all the film sets I've been on over the years, there are specific gags or moments that stand out, and I can honestly say that, as a life-long fan of prosthetic make-ups, probably the most overall impressive make-up I've seen in person was Karen Gillan as Nebula in the original Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Well… guess what?


I know nothing about Guardians 2, and I play to keep it that way. Nebula survived the first film, obviously, and I can't imagine she's terribly fond of either her father Thanos or her sister Gamora right now.  If James Gunn doesn't even want to tell us which characters his new actors are playing, that's fine with me. I'll happily wait until he's ready to show things, because the joy of discovery that was part of the entire process of Guardians is a very rare experience. There will be plenty of little teases along the way, just like there were on the first one. Gunn's very good about being accessible on social media. But he'll tease the things he wants to tease, and he'll keep the secrets he wants to keep, and I'll be happy knowing there's a hell of a team working to bring us a worthy sequel to a film I adore.

Plus Kurt Russell. Did I mention Kurt Russell? Because Kurt Russell. Seriously.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 arrives in theater May 5, 2017.