Kevin Hart to guest-judge ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Kevin Hart to guest-judge “Dancing with the Stars”
The comedian will fill in for Len Goodman for next week”s Movie Night.

In defense of “True Detective's” casting Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn
There was plenty of Twitter hate greeting today”s long-anticipated announcement, but the “seen-better-days duo” of Farrell and Vaughn could actually work. PLUS: HBO couldn”t have cast a better actor than Vaughn.

Floyd Mayweather: My Showtime “All Access” show was all fake
The boxer told Nevada boxing regulators today that his reality show was completely staged. “I don't want to just sell a fight,” Mayweather said. “I want to sell a lifestyle.”

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The NY Times” TV critic”s “angry black woman” critique of Shonda Rhimes shouldn”t be surprising
“This is what happens when voices that have normally been pushed to the background take center stage,” says Eric Deggans, who adds: “What's happened here is that a new voice has asserted itself at the highest levels of the television industry, and folks are scrambling to figure out what that means. The only other producers to control as much real estate in prime time TV are white men like Aaron Spelling, Dick Wolf and Norman Lear. That Rhimes has achieved all this while showcasing black female characters in bold new roles is nothing short of revolutionary. So I wasn't surprised to see at least one critic stumble while trying to see this new paradigm through old sensibilities.” PLUS: The critic Alessandra Stanley showed contempt for her readers, this controversy shows that black TV creators have little room for error.

“Modern Family's” Sarah Hyland got a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend — and sought the help of her TV mom
Hyland claims that the actor Matthew Prokop, who once appeared on “Modern Family,” called her the C-word and tried to choke her during an argument, resulting in injuries to her voice. At one point, Hyland enlisted the help of her co-star Julie Bowen in trying to get out of her abusive relationship.

“Ellen” returns to her biggest-ever premiere week
Ellen DeGeneres” first week back topped last year”s premiere week and every premiere week before that.

Syfy orders an alien terrorist network drama
“The Walking Dead”s” Gale Anne Hurd will produce ”Hunters” based on the book, “Alien Hunters.”

“Punky Brewster” was not a feminist punk icon
The Soleil Moon Frye NBC comedy, which premiered 30 years ago last week, “did embody aspects of both punk and feminist thinking, it turns out. But she was trapped inside a show that was all about reinforcing mainstream middle class values circa 1984,” says Eliza Berman.

“SNL”s” Season 40 writing staff won”t include recent featured player Mike O”Brien and Leslie Jones
Jones, one of two black females hired in the wake of last season”s controversy, made headlines with a controversial Weekend Update appearance. Meanwhile, O”Brien, who was promoted last season from the writing staff only to be demoted last week, is not listed as a writer this season. (He may be back part-time.) Also, not returning are longtime writer Paula Pell, LaKendra Tookes and Marika Sawyer. PLUS: Listen to Jay Pharoah”s EP, and watch Ana Gasteyer”s music video.

Lena Dunham uploads 12 videos offering advice
Everything from bullying to “plus size” is covered in these “Ask Lena” segments. PLUS: Read a review of the “Girls” star”s new book, and Jemima Kirke dyes her hair pink.

John Stamos loses his mother
“The love of my life passed away yesterday in her home surrounded by her children and grandchildren,” Stamos wrote on Instagram. “My mother had enough love to fuel a small country. She was truly one of a kind and will live forever in the hearts of all who knew her.”

Michael Emerson on “Person of Interest” Season 4: “No place is safe”
“The whole team is in a state of confusion and distress,” he says of this season. PLUS: Here is more of what to expect.

“Jeopardy!” alum Ken Jennings is under fire for his offensive wheelchair joke tweet
“Nothing sadder than a hot person in a wheelchair,” Jennings tweeted on Monday.

Why it”s OK to like “The Big Bang Theory”
It has become popular to hate on the No. 1 sitcom, but it”s still just plain funny, even in Season 8.

Can “Awkward” be fixed?
The MTV series realized it was on MTV in Season 4, resulting fewer complex narratives and cheap tricks. PLUS: What Ashley Rickards learned on “Awkward.”

Christina Applegate is coming to “Web Therapy”
She”ll play a fixer who helps Lisa Kudrow”s therapist character.

Dan Harmon”s “Rick and Morty” gets the Muppets treatment
Watch the promo for the Season 1 DVD.

“The View” had its biggest premiere week in 3 years
Viewers seem to be happy with the new panel. PLUS: Rosie denies feuding with Nicolle Wallace.

“Marvel”s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” returns for Season 2 leaner and meaner
As co-showrunner Maurissa Tancharoen points out, one reason Season 2 will be improved is “we have a very clear big bad. We have Hydra. It”s very nice and liberating to say ‘Hydra' and have it out in the open! Last season was definitely challenging, because we were not allowed to mention them or allude to a mole of any kind. So now, coming into Season 2, we exist in a new paradigm.” PLUS: What “S.H.I.E.L.D.” is getting right and wrong this season, and the agents are true underdogs this year.

MTV”s “Faking It” is like the teen version of “The Good Wife”
Returning tonight for Season 2, “Faking It” is willing to blow up its premise.

Skip E. Lowe, the inspiration for Martin Short”s Jiminy Glick, dies at 85
Lowe hosted celebrities on his public access show, which aired in New York and Los Angeles.

“NCIS: New Orleans” is a lot like “CSI: Miami”
Like the David Caruso spinoff, “NCIS: New Orleans” really tries to use its new location to differentiate itself from the original series. PLUS: This is not a procedural “Treme,” and CCH Pounder immersed herself in New Orleans culture.