Kristen Stewart dons peek-a-boo ‘dress’ for ‘On the Road”s New York premiere

As if she weren’t already guaranteed to be the center of attention, Kristen Stewart arrived at tonight’s New York premiere of “On the Road” in a fittingly unconventional red-carpet getup.

Clad in what appeared to a see-through mini-dress with high-water hot pants and a silver top underneath, Stewart hit the big premiere with co-stars Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kirsten Dunst, none of whom were in any of the “Twilight” movies. Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, was nowhere to be found, so let’s start some rumors.

Bonus: Two gigantic musical icons only older people would care about showed up too.

You can check out all the red-carpet photos in the gallery below.

“On the Road” hits limited theaters and IFC On Demand December 21.