Kristen Wiig Is Officially Cheetah In ‘Wonder Woman 2’ And The Internet Has Opinions

UPROXX/DC Comics/Getty Image

With surprising speed, Kristen Wiig as the villain in Wonder Woman 2 went from “talks” to being confirmed by the director on Twitter:

When we wrote up the initial word, we noted that while Wiig is most famous as a comedian, she’s also done extensive dramatic work. And that more or less was the theme of reactions, split between people noting her resumé is more than Gilly:

And people who can’t quite see it:

Of course, some noted the, ah, problems that will come with having a half-cat half woman villain:

As we noted when we discussed these rumors, Wiig’s got a much broader range than her SNL work would indicate. Bridesmaids is a pretty funny movie, if one that will ruin Jordan almonds even more than they already are. But it’s also an earnest look about hitting an emotional bottom and coming back from it. It’s easy to forget that comedy is harder than drama, and quite a few major actors got their start as comedians. After all, before Tom Hanks was winning Oscars and starring in Spielberg movies, he was not above delivering a quality nutshot joke. We doubt Wiig will quite be that dramatic in her shift, but she’s got the chops, and her take on a supervillain should be fun to watch. We’ll find out in December 2019.