Lady Gaga mocks ‘Born This Way’ sounds like ‘Express Yourself’ controversy on ‘SNL’

The premise of this sketch from “SNL” last night had Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz hocking a compilation of what are supposedly the worst cover songs of all time, but honestly? Britney Spears covering “Hallelujah” would be amazing. As would a Lil Wayne and Susan Boyle duet of literally anything. 

(Of course, you can’t see any of those yet because NBC hasn’t posted this sketch online. Thankfully, Gaga and, um, Madonna have fans have made sure one part of it got up on YouTube.)

Props to Lady Gaga for mocking the whole she-is-trying-to-be-Madonna controversy. Did it take anyone else an embarrassingly long time to realize she wasn’t actually singing “Express Yourself”?