Lady Gaga teases her ‘Cake’ with provocative teaser video

Lady Gaga appears to be rapping on what’s shaping up to be a new album cut “Cake.” Mother Monster released a luscious little clip of her speak-singing along, with images of wagging butts, dancing in her underwear and otherwise suggesting that a lucky piece of cake is going to get some action from a very famous pop star.

“You chew beef, I wear meat / And stay on top of the I’m I’m I’m I’m / Getting fat and so is my bank /With a sold out world tour b*tch,” are among the lyrical sage-wisdom, as the song was also previewed during a Mugler fashion show in September.

As for the 15-second clip, maker-of-sexy-photos Terry Richardson helmed it, which should surprise no one. Gaga and Richardson released a photo book together just last year. And Richardson likes things to look like an American Apparel ad.

Gaga’s sexuality, sexual preferences and even her gender has played out centerstage throughout her career, and it appears this apparent track from “ARTPOP” may be the, erm, first taste of her promotional tack.


Did I mention viral self-promotion? There’s that too.

When we last checked in, Gaga said her new single would arrive in early, not 2012, so perhaps rap track “Cake” is just the icing.

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