Let this ‘Game of Thrones’ GIF forever ruin Valyrian Steel for you

Whether you loved Game of Thrones” “Battle of the Bastards” or thought it fell flat, you have to be impressed by the sheer scope of making the episode come to life. And while we all know on an intellectual level that the men on screen aren”t actually eviscerating each other, the magic of entertainment suspends our disbelief.

Then along comes to the Internet to ruin it for everyone.

You and I both know no one on Game of Thrones is going into battle in real armor. It would be impossible to move, and is honestly the probable reason the show chose to put Kit Harington in leather instead of chain mail. All those bows and arrows? Every last sword and ax? Fake. But there”s a difference between knowing and seeing. Over on Imgur, user voicesinmyhead couldn”t help but see that Valyrian steel is really Valyrian rubber. And now you must see it too.

Anyone else now tempted to go rewatch all the battle scenes in Game of Thrones for the telltale “sproing!” of rubberized weaponry?