Liam Neeson is out for revenge and on the run in first trailer for ‘Taken 3’

What if Doctor Richard Kimble was less a doctor and more an ex-CIA operative with a “particular set of skills?”  That seems to be, at least on the face of it, the direction the “Taken” series is going with the upcoming “Taken 3” (or “Tak3n” if you prefer).

With the movie opening in January, the time has come for the first trailer to arrive.  You can see up above just what returning director Olivier Megaton and Liam Neeson have in store for us come the new year. 

In short, the plot of “Taken 3” centers on Neeson's Bryan Mills going after the murderers of his ex-wife (Famke Janssen).  The world, naturally, believes that Mills himself is guilty of the murder and Forest Whitaker is taking on the Tommy Lee Jones role,  tracking Mills down.

Because this is in fact “Taken 3” and not “The Fugitive,” there doesn't seem to be a one-armed man in the new trailer, but instead lots more gunplay than the Harrison Ford film.  Also, Mills' daughter, Kim (Maggie Grace), finds herself in trouble (because this “Taken.”)  Richard Kimble was without children and therefore there was no storyline in “The Fugitive” for offspring.

Enough with “The Fugitive” though, with the “Taken” series hitting entry number three, one has to ask if this will also be the last film in the franchise. The poster, which you can see below, offers up the tagline “It ends here,” and Liam Neeson told USA Today, ” I think this is the end.”  Only time will tell if that truly is the case.

“Taken 3” shoots into theaters on January 9, 2015.  Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen have written the screenplay, just as they did with the first two installments in the series.