Listen: CulturePop No. 13 – Rihanna, ‘The Great Gatsby,’ RuPaul

We’re back for another installment of CulturePop, and Melinda and I had plenty to discuss. C’mon and listen. And I swear I cut out the part where I give away the ending of “The Great Gatsby,” even though I think everyone probably knows what happens. 

:10 – We talk about the finale of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and whether or not the networks are ready for a drag queen competition

2:27 – Melinda feels an earthquake!

3:25 – Melinda recovers from the shock and explains the new RIAA changes 

7:35 – We both saw “The Great Gatsby,” and we discuss what worked as well as why Leonardo diCaprio and Carey Mulligan had thankless jobs.

14:15 – We discuss the latest twist on “Nashville” and why we’re excited about it. 

17:55 – Time for raves! Melinda’s is the new Imagine Dragons video. 

19:50 – I remember that we haven’t discussed Rihanna’s misleading “777 Tour” documentary, and Melinda (who survived the event) explains why it’s terrible. 

21:45 – Finally, I deliver my rave for the Logo show “Felt.” 

Thanks for listening!

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