Listen: CulturePop No. 18 – ‘Blurred Lines,’ James Gandolfini, ‘SYTYCD’

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Melinda is back in town, and we had so much to talk about! Although we both reminisced over our brief encounters with the late James Gandolfini (R.I.P.), we also disagreed about a lot — including whether or not “Blurred Lines” is a “rape-y” song and whether or not all of the bachelors looking for true love on “The Bachelorette” are full of crap. Listen in. We had a great time, so we hope you will, too. Here’s the rundown:

:35 James Gandolfini – We discuss the late actor, and Melinda tells us about her crush on him. 

5:00 Is “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke a “rape-y” song? We disagree and debate. 

9:30 Lady Gaga and Cher made a song together, but Melinda explains why we’ll never hear it.

11:55 Melinda explains why J.Cole took a big risk going up against Kanye West — and why it was the right choice.

13:55 I discuss why a comment on my “So You Think You Can Dance” blog got me thinking about why the judges may be especially unfair this season.

18:05 Melinda and I duke it out over whether or not anyone goes onto a dating show like “The Bachelorette” for “the right reasons.” Hint: Melinda is not a romantic. At all.

Tune in next week!

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