Listen: Fiona Apple’s new ‘Werewolf’ is lonesome, sad and funny

06.04.12 7 years ago

Sometimes we need to listen to songs that make us happy when we are breaking up. Sometimes we need to hear tunes that are about breakups during our breakups. Fiona Apple’s new track “Werewolf” is a song you should put on in the instances of the latter.

The track is fairly minimal — with Apple’ s voice and a big, breathy grand piano — but it’s a little found-sound sample that gives this heart-wringer more life. The sound of children playing rattles over the melody as Apple admits that the best way she and her ex-lover can help each other is to “avoid each other.” She has a sense of humor about the whole thing, even with the drooping submission of her manic voice. It’s an odd track, stirring in how plain-spoken a bust-up can be.

“Werewolf” is the newest track to arrive from the L.A.-based songwriter’s forthcoming “The Idler Wheel…” due on June 19. You can read more about the making-of the track at Pitchfork.

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