Listen: Firewall & Iceberg Podcast No. 220

Happy Monday, Boys & Girls!
We interrupt your holiday for an hour of Sepinwall coughing!
No, I kid. Alan has a cold, but he set aside its ravages for a thrilling podcast covering this week’s new shows — “Star-Crossed,” “About a Boy” and “Growing Up Fisher” — plus some Listener Mail and other stuff.
Next week, the video show will return and the podcast will shift back to Wednesday. Unless Alan breaks something else. 
Today’s breakdown:
“Star-Crossed” (00:01:50 – 00:13:50)
“About a Boy” (00:14:15 – 00:27:00)
“Growing Up Fisher” (00:27:05 – 00:39:20)
Listener Mail: Late-Night transition and location (00:39:45 – 00:48:15)
Listener Mail: Crossovers (00:48:20 – 00:56:10)
Greta Gerwig and “How I Met Your Dad” (00:56:10 – 01:02:20)

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