Listen: Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull percolate on ‘Dance Again’

We”ve been getting snippets of Jennifer Lopez”s “Dance Again” featuring Pitbull all week and today we get the full song. And it lives up to its title:  You’ll want to put on your dancing shoes and dance again.

The song isn”t as interesting musically as the pair”s  previous hit collaboration, “On the Floor” but it is more consistent in its commitment to being a full-on dance twirler-it percolates in a pleasing pop way, as opposed to throbs -It”s totally charming, especially the “woo..ooh” background singing.

Both Pitbull and  Lopez want the same things: to dance and love because if this were the perfect world they long for, we would all be able to go straight from the dance floor  to the bedroom- and look as awesome as she does doing it without our mascara running.

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Plus, the “American Idol” judge, perhaps in a subtle message to those who are obsessed with her romance with a backup dancer nearly half her age, sings “Only got just one life, this I”ve learned, who cares what they gonna say.” So girl”s not holding back and waiting for us to approve of her choices.

The chorus that starts with “This would be a perfect world… ” reminds us of Rihanna”s “Only Girl in the World,” although as the chorus moves on, the similarity ends.

Pitbull opens the song, and, of course, during one of his raps, reminds us that he”s worldwide and gets in a plug for his Voli vodka…and producer RedOne gets a shout out at the beginning (is that in his contract?) There’s no real back and forth between the two, although Pitbull does agree with Lopez’s request to make love to him (he’s not stupid).

Lopez will debut the video on “American Idol” on April 5.

What do you think of “Dance Again?”