Listen: Lady Gaga talks Amy Winehouse and her new video for ‘You and I’

Lady Gaga stopped by Omaha radio station, KQCH 94.1, yesterday after shooting the video for new single “You & I,” and had very sweet things to say about Amy Winehouse.

“I never got to meet here,” Lady Gaga says. “I think sometimes we were in the same place. Gosh, I”m real devastated about it… I really remember being in New York. I was with Lady Starlight. She and I were in Duane Reade shopping for eyelashes and glue and I just remember I saw her on the cover of Rolling Stone. It was [her] first cover. I always felt like an outsider.. [Lady Starlight] looked over at me and said, ‘If she can do it, you can do it.” I always felt like Amy opened a door for girls like me, who didn”t fit that exact, real pop, real wholesome…she was really special and she”ll be greatly missed.” The comments about Winehouse come in around the 7-minute mark.

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She sounds remarkably down-to-earth when she talks about going to a Nebraska barbeque and eating “pulled-pork sandwiches” and drinking Budweiser in a Huskers t-shirt. “That”s about as casual as I get,” she laughs.  We”ve never heard her sound so relaxed  and unmannered in an interview.

Lady Gaga has apparently spent a great deal of time in Nebraska because her ex-boyfriend/long-time friend Luc Carl is from Springfield. She declares her love for the state, but shoots down rumors that she”s moving to Omaha. “I”m just a wandering artistic vagabond,” she says. “If anything you”ll see me in a tent with my dress on in the middle of a field somewhere.”

The  theme of video, presumably for “You & I,” though the interview never states that clearly, is that she”s walked from New York City to Nebraska to get her beau back. She”s broken and bleeding, but won”t give up. “The idea [is] when you”re away from someone that you love, it”s torture. I knew I wanted the video to be about sprinting back and walking hundreds of thousands of miles to get him back,” she says.

Shooting during a heatwave in cornfields didn”t stop her followers from showing up. She sweetly but humorously describes seeing nothing but miles of cornfields and then “you”d see these cute little monsters popping up.”