Listen: New Christina Aguilera track with M.I.A., ‘Elastic Love’

05.26.10 9 years ago

We don”t know who made “Not Myself Tonight” the first single from Christina Aguilera”s  forthcoming “Bionic” set, but it looks like they got the weakest track out of the way.  After  “I Hate Boys” leaked last week, we now have “Elastic Love,” co-written by M.I.A. It”s Aguilera like you”re never heard her and she sounds great. Gone are the vocal gymnastics, replaced by a robotic, yet still recognizable, monotone.

The song is a hypnotic, electro-synth filled tune with adorably inane lyrics like  “It I was a ruler I”d try to set you straight, but your love is like a sharpener, it really grates.” And then she gets all Miss Grammer on us with ”Rubber band was an analogy/you can even say it”s a metaphor.”  It”s like a nursery rhyme for adults set to the most infectious, trance track you can imagine. We would love to hear XTina and M.I.A. perform this tune together. Maybe M.I.A. won”t be missing in action for the video.

I”m not so sure that top 40 radio will gravitate toward this one, but dance clubs and adventurous radio programmers are going to be all over this like a cat on catnip.

Idolator has both tracks up in their entirety. Click here to listen to them.

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