Listen: Taio Cruz’s new single ‘Hangover’

Taio Cruz is 28, but he might as well be 16 on his new single. At least Ke$ha won”t be drinking alone anymore: On “Hangover,” his party anthem and first single from sophomore album, “TY.O,” Cruz can”t wait to drink until he throws up…or at least until he makes “shit-faced” into a three-syllable word.

Flo Rida chimes in for a rap in the middle and to boast that he never throws up.

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Produced by Dr. Luke, the tune features the usual collection of beats that Dr. Luke can surely write in his sleep by now as he dreams of dollar signs flashing before him. Though musically similar to “Dynamite”—or [plug in any other Dr. Luke production here],  “Hangover” has none of “Dynamite”s” charm….though we like how it builds at the end like the worst case of bed spins you”ve ever felt.

This is the type of song that serves one purpose: to become the party anthem of the fall sure to blare during  every high school game post-party  on Friday night and frat house on Saturday night.

 We seem to be in some race on the pop charts to see who can get to the lowest common denominator fastest  when it comes to the most mundane, non-creative song about drinking ever written. Is this really what “Jersey Shore” has done to popular culture?  Congrats Taio, you”re in.

What do you think of “Hangover.” 

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