Live Blog: Joss Whedon takes on Comic-Con to talk Buffy, Firefly, and more

Whoo hoo! I am on the ground at San Diego Comic-Con!  I'm headed to Hall H to cover all the news that's fit to print about Joss Whedon and his work with Dark Horse Comics! Check this space at 4:45PM PDT to follow along!

[2:42PM PDT]: Made it inside. Joss Whedon has pulled in a hell of a crowd!

[4:47PM PDT]: It begins. Scott Allie introduces Joss Whedon for his first one man show for Hall H! Obviously the crowd goes wild! Thunderous applause and cheers!

[4:50PM PDT]: “I asked for the big room. I”m a little angry.” Whedon quips as soon as he gets on stage. “I”m a little terrified but you guys are foxy.”

[4:52PM PDT]: Whedon is grateful to Dark Horse for being so brave and talented for taking existing properties that already exists, being faithful but inventive. That”s a real tightrope act. “I feel like 5 years ago a tornado ripped through my house and dropped me in the land of Marvel,” says Whedon. And he knew that the worlds he cared about were in good hands.

[4:55PM PDT]: Now that Whedon is out of the Marvel world, he has the freedom to think about what”s next. Once Ultron was done, it was time to look and say “What else is there?” There are many things he can”t tell us yet, but new ideas and new formats are on the horizon.

HOWEVER, he wanted to put his hand to a comic book once more. Joss Whedon”s TWIST is a six-issue comic next year. It”s about the most important moral question of our day: “Why isn”t there a Victorian female Batman?”

[4:56PM PDT]: Joss Whedon”s motto: “Continue to earn what you already have.” Active gratitude.

[4:58PM PDT]: He says of Ultron that it is the most personal and surreal blockbuster. “Everyone is so perfectly pleased with how I handled Natasha,” he jokes, self-deprecatingly to huge audience laughter. 

“Comic-con: The cure for Twitter,” Whedon says in response to the laughter.

[5:00PM PDT]: Q&A begins. The first question comes from a Woman of Color who is OVERWHELMED by talking to her idol, in near tears. About Zoe she says, “She made me believe we were still going to be out there, but that we would be strong and beautiful.” Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit.