Will ‘Logan’ Be The End Of X-Men And The Beginning Of X-Force?

(Potential spoilers for Logan and beyond)

Logan has hit theaters, and its reviews suggest it’s the R-rated superhero flick we’ve all been waiting for (since Deadpool, anyway). If you don’t already know, the film is set two decades in the future and is focused on Logan protecting X-23, a teenage girl who has similar regenerating and adamantium clawing powers. It will undoubtedly prove to be the best stand-alone Wolverine movie, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing more of Hugh Jackman slashing baddies and chomping on cigars. He’s already said that he’s 100% done playing the role (barring a call to action from the Avengers) and even suggested who should fill his claws. And Jackman isn’t alone: Patrick Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence have alluded to being done with the series as well.

So what does that mean for the future of the school for gifted youngsters? A fan theory claims to have the answer, which ties together Deadpool, Cable, and the ’80s timeline from X-Men Apocalypse. And it’s through — you guessed it — time travel. Since Cable, a mutant with time-traveling capabilities, is more than likely to be in Deadpool 2, he can bridge the gaps between the films without running into any continuity issues. By bringing this new group together, the X-Men franchise no longer has to worry about actors dropping out and can morph into their next team: the X-Force. This was a more violent superhero team originally led by Cable, and by bringing them into the films, they can introduce characters like Domino and Warpath. All with a new Wolverine! It’s an interesting theory, and you can watch it fully in the video above.