Listen to Lorde rap about teenage lust on surprise new single ‘No Better’

12.13.13 6 years ago
Beyoncé isn’t the only pop queen with surprises up her sleeve. Today, Lorde unexpectedly released her new single “No Better” on iTunes. Listen here or below.
Amid a trip-hop beat and dreamy melody, Lorde sing-speaks with stream of consciousness lyricism (“we roll in every summer when there”s strength in our numbers / and your breath”s hot and gross but I kiss you like a lover”). The bass beat becomes more intense as Lorde launches into a throaty chorus, which alludes to teenage lust and longing (“go all the way / have your fun, have it all”). 
The sexy song will have to tide us over until Lorde unwinds from her whirlwind year and hits record again. In a new interview, Lorde told Billboard that she’s working on new material: “I”ve been writing but I haven”t really had time to hit the studio as of yet. That”ll be the end of this year, or next year.” We can’t wait.

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