‘Love Boat’ parody imagines a murderous high seas adventure

There are no shortage of parodies floating around on YouTube. Some are funny, others, let”s just say those people should keep their day jobs. We”ve since come across one that”s not only a good laugh, but we”d actually like to see it come to fruition.

The Love Boat was one of the great shows in the history of television. Where else could a bunch of D-list celebs fall in love, fall out of love and then fall back in love within an hour (less commercial interruptions)? With this parody, however, they take the show and turn it on its head. No longer is there Gene Rayburn, Jamie Farr or Charo, but it”s a cast of murderous fiends from great horror movies of yore.  

The video features ne'er-do-wells from Alien, Motel Hell and Salem”s Lot among others. The biggest laugh comes when you find out who the chief engineer is. Don”t want to ruin the surprise on that one.

Check out the video below…