Maisie Williams desperately tries not to get vaporized in first ‘Doctor Who’ clip

This Saturday, “Doctor Who” fans finally get to see who Maisie Williams is playing in the episode “The Girl Who Died.” Back at San Diego Comic-Con, Williams was revealed wearing the classic orange spacesuit and speculation quickly began as to how her character knew the Doctor. Now that the first clip is out, do we have any answers?

Nope. Just more questions.

According to eh BBC, Williams is playing a Viking girl named Ashildre who is swept up in an adventure as Twelve and Clara train her people to defend themselves against the galaxy”s most deadly army. But that doesn”t explain why she”s in a spacesuit in the clip while the rest of the Vikings are in stereotypical gear. Or how she ends up in a “Beauty and the Beast” type situation later in the season (based on the trailer).

The two-part episode is written by Jamie Mathieson and Steven Moffat, so be sure to expect plenty of twists.

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“Doctor Who” airs on BBCAmerica every Saturday at 9/8c.