Man Invents Magneto Shoes And Working Wolverine Claws

Everyone wants to be part of the X-Men. Wait, I retract that. Everyone wants to have sweet superpowers. Everyone. The most unrealistic thing in the X-Men universe is that mutants are feared instead of constantly fighting off a barrage of people screaming, “Oh my God! You can fly!? Show me! Wait, let me Vine this!”

So the most shocking thing about inventor Colin Furze is that it took this long for society to produce someone like him. A self-proclaimed garage inventor, Furze laughs in the face of science-fiction and turns into into science fact with the ease of your grandmas knitting you a sweater. Complete with love in every compressed air propulsion. 

With 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' on the forefront of every geek's mind, Furze has been hard at work making all our mutant power dreams come true. First with his completely functional Wolverine claws.

And then with his space-age Magneto boots. If you don't think you'd giggle uncontrollably while walking across your garage ceiling after inventing gravity-defying shoes, you are dead inside. Please seek help.

You can learn more about the science behind Furze's DIY X-Men project on his website, along with all his other inventions. And keep an eye out because he's got one mutant power left to unveil!