Marilyn Manson’s 10 Best Singles

01.27.15 3 years ago


Marilyn Manson: still going after all these years.

He may not be the cultural force he once was, but the media-dubbed “shock rocker” has remained strikingly prolific during his 20-plus years on the scene, with his ninth studio album (!) “The Pale Emperor” now eyeing a Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200. And guess what? It's actually racked up some pretty decent reviews.
While he may never recapture his status as conservative America's Public Enemy No. 1, Manson's body of work contains a stunning number of killer singles, from his early days as a South Florida upstart to his rather less-vaunted (but still occasionally effective) post-“Mechanical Animals” career. Below, a subjective ranking of my 10 personal favorite singles, from “Portrait of an American Family” to today.

After scrolling through the gallery below, sound off with your favorite Marilyn Manson singles in the comments.

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