Mark Hamill Can’t Watch His Final ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Scene With Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher’s influence on Star Wars (and by extension American cinema) is absolutely immeasurable and could be found crackling within projects that premiered after her passing. Understandably, seeing Fisher onscreen following her death evokes a number of strong feelings. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, fellow franchise legend Mark Hamill touched on Luke and Leia’s reuniting in The Last Jedi and how he still doesn’t feel comfortable watching their final scene together.

According to Hamill, the two iconic characters encountering one another once again was aided by organic instinct.

“I didn’t decide it and say, ‘Can I do this?’ I mean, in the take — I don’t know if we rehearsed it or not, but it just happened,” shared Hamill. “I was standing up and they weren’t ready for it. They said, ‘No, do that again.’ And we did it for a second take, and like I said, it was just spontaneous.”

Being forced to say goodbye to Fisher in 2016 has understandably placed their final scene together into a different context.

“I can’t watch that scene. It’s just, you know, takes me out of the movie completely,” he explained. “I’ll get over it, but she’ll be forever missed and she’s irreplaceable.”

Hamill hasn’t been shy about championing Fisher’s legacy and spirit. He’s served up a number of moving tributes to the actress/writer since her passing.

(Via Entertainment Tonight)