Martin Scorsese ‘considering’ shooting his proposed Frank Sinatra biopic in 3D

While it’s not exactly a mind-blowing revelation, the fact that director Martin Scorsese – who’s recently won widespread acclaim for his artful use of 3D in “Hugo” – is contemplating the possibility of shooting yet two more of his films in the in-vogue format is nevertheless an interesting little tidbit we felt compelled to report on during this slow news day.

The films in question, in case you were wondering, are “Silence” – a historical drama based on the Shusaka Endo novel about two Jesuit missionaries who embark on a voyage to Japan in the 17th century – as well as a proposed biopic of legendary crooner Frank Sinatra.

“I’m considering the possibility,” Scorsese told Variety in a recent interview, after being asked whether he’d be shooting either of the films in 3D.

While neither project is an obvious choice for the format, if anybody can shoot a drama in 3D and make it work it’s hard not to think that Scorsese’s the one.

It should be noted that both films are still in the development stages, although “Silence” – which previously had Daniel Day-Lewis and Benicio del Toro playing the leads, though their current attachment is unclear – is expected to be Scorsese’s next project. The Sinatra film, which the director formally attached himself to back in 2009, is probably much further out.

Anyone have thoughts on Marty potentially shooting these films in 3D? Intriguing, or just a bad idea?