Marvel picked the best possible MC for the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ premiere

With the DC gladiator match behind us, it”s time to turn our attention to the Marvel superhero showdown ahead.

It”s #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan, and if you didn”t already know it from the marketing, you knew at the premiere that the Avengers are divided, and you must choose your side. Tuesday”s world premiere for Captain America: Civil War had a half-blue, half-red carpet, and attendees were encouraged to wear red or blue denoting which superhero they”re devoted to.

Show that team pride!

And at the premiere helping all the sports fans movie fans show their superhero team pride was none other than Michael Buffer.

The famed ring announcer introduced the cast before the start of the premiere screening at Hollywood”s Dolby Theatre, using his booming voice to call out Tony Stark”s squad and “the opponents in the blue corner.”

But this may not be as intense a rivalry as it seems: When stars Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans faced each other onstage, they went in for a big bear hug, looking friendlier with each other than we ever see their superhero counterparts onscreen.

Michael Buffer onstage at Dolby Theatre announcing the Captain America: Civil War premiere. Photo credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Buffer commanded the crowd to cheer for Team Cap and then for Team Iron Man. But the First Avenger”s supporters got the last word – just after the theater darkened, one man in the audience yelled “Team Cap!!” provoking more cheers and laughs from around the theater just before the opening shot of the film hit the screen.