Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’ goes even darker than ‘Daredevil’

11.20.15 3 years ago

Well that was a gut-punch…

Both big fans of the Marvel Netflix series “Daredevil”, Donna Dickens and Roth Cornet talk about the latest entry “Jessica Jones,” and just how dark it gets! 

Just a quick couple of notes to clarify some of what was said in our rapid response: When I say that the world of Captain America/The Avengers and the Netflix series are different, I don't mean that they don't exist in the same universe. They do. It”s more that they have distinct tones and that it's unlikely that we'll see any of the stars of the Marvel films make an appearance here.

Also, I was also a big fan of Wilson Fisk on Daredevil. Donna and I will probably do a villain comparison once we”ve seen all of “Jessica Jones”. 

Okay! On to the next one!

Take a look at what we have to say in the player above or below and chat with us here and/or on Twitter about what you”d like us to focus in on as the weekend goes on.

Roth: @RothCornet

Donna: @MildlyAmused

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