Mash-up proves ‘bro country’ is literally all the same song

If you don”t know what “bro country” is, you're in for a treat. Over the last couple years, mainstream country has devolved into a theme of Friday night parties, drinking beer on tailgates, and objectifying women as accessories in painted-on jeans and pretty little bare feet. The phenomenon is usually laid at the feet of Florida Georgia Line and their mega-hit “Cruise.” 

Now, singing about that stuff is totally cool in moderation! But when the ENTIRE GENRE is singing about it to the detriment of other themes? That”s when it gets unbearably boring. Sir Mashalot shined a light on this problem with and entirely depressing look at how 2014 released the same song SIX times…right down to the musical formula.

Silver lining? The tide is turning on “bro country.” From Zac Brown saying Luke Bryan”s “That”s My Kind Of Night” was the “…worst song I”ve ever head,” to Kenny Chesney telling Billboard “…over the last several years, it seems like anytime anybody sings about a woman, she”s in cutoff jeans, drinking and on a tailgate… they objectify the hell out of them,” to Garth Brooks banning the sound from his comeback tour, music insiders have grown weary of the sub-genre. Hell, even the industry knows it. Maddie & Tae”s debut single “Girl in a Country Song” is a perky middle finger to the tropes of “bro country.”

With videos like Sir Mashalot”s, hopefully this style can stop being a rampaging Godzilla on country music and returns to just one of many themes that hallmark the genre.

[Via Gawker]