Listen: Matchbox 20’s new swoon-worthy single, ‘Overjoyed’

08.28.12 6 years ago

God knows, the members of Matchbox 20 have had a tough time in love in some of their songs, including most recent single, “She”s So Mean,” but with new single, “Overjoyed,” there”s nothing but sweet love going on, man, so don”t go trying to stir up trouble.

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The mid-tempo ballad, from the band”s new album “North,” out Sept. 4, is almost too good too true. Not only would lead singer Rob Thomas be glad to come over, as he sings, “I cannot overstate it, I would be overjoyed.” And he”s not just talking about for the night, he”s talking about for a lifetime.  He wants to tell you secrets that nobody knows, and hold you, and even give you a foot massage (OK, I made up the last part).

This could be a wedding song for years go come and the band knows it. Check out the video below. It”s not the “official” video that”s still to come, or even a lyric video, since there a no words. It”s what we like to call a place holder video so you have something to watch on YouTube while you hopefully click to hear the song over the over again.

“North” is streaming on iTunes for free now.

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