Watch: Sam Rockwell and Maya Rudolph talk comfort zones and ‘The Way, Way Back’

I think it’s fair to say that Maya Rudolph is quite fond of her “The Way, Way Back” co-star Sam Rockwell.

“Not only did he live up to my expectations, but…I knew that I was going to get to see some magical things happening knowing that he was doing it, and it was above and beyond,” Rudolph told me at the film’s recent press junket. “I didn’t know who was in the movie yet. And then when I found out [Sam was doing it], it was an excitement explosion.”

Starring Rockwell and Rudolph as Owen and Caitlyn, a couple who run a local water park called “Water Wizz,” the film is a showcase for Rockwell’s little-heralded comedic talents, as he takes on the role of an irresponsible middle-aged man whose development was arrested somewhere along the way (a characterization he claims was influenced by Bill Murray).

“I think he’s not entirely happy,” said Rockwell of the character. “He has settled a little. And he’s got a routine, and it’s a pretty easy routine for him. And he’s found a way not to go out of his comfort zone. And I think Maya’s character challenges me…challenges him at one point in the film. And it’s a little bit like, you know, ‘Get out of your comfort zone. Get it together.'”

“We’re not laughing anymore about this,” interjected Rudolph, referring to their characters. “It’s getting old.”

“I feel bad just when she’s saying it right now. I feel a little bad,” said Rockwell.

“You do?” responded Rudolph. “I have a tendency to make people feel that way.”

And with that, you can check out the full, fun interview in the video above.

“The Way, Way Back” hits theaters this Friday.