Melinda Doolittle reviews the ‘American Idol’ Top 3 for HitFix

Season 6 favorite Melinda Doolittle is one of the experts in HitFix’s Fantasy American Idol game and throughout the competition, she’ll be providing analysis on this season’s contenders.


I love Top 3 night! These three contestants really gave it their all to make it to the finale, and I truly think they each have a chance. Once again, I have no idea who is in danger of getting voted off. My Twitter feed is saying Haley is definitely in, and my Facebook page is saying Lauren is definitely in. I agree with both, but we’ve had more than one shocking elimination already this season and Scotty also had a great night. Hmmm…

I do have a confession to make, though. For some reason, I was easily distracted while watching the show tonight. So, I have now watched each performance twice so that I could make sure to give you my true critiques. I thought you might enjoy hearing some of my distractions though, so I have included them as side notes. Let me know what you think of the show, my thoughts and even my distractions. I love hearing what you have to say! :-)

***Side note: This is the week I got voted off, so be nice. Hahaha!





Scotty McCreery “Amazed”

I love this song. I thought he started off the night really strong. He had fewer pitch problems than he”s had all season. We heard him do things with his voice he hasn”t done before. I”m thinking his CD is gonna be fabulous when all of this is over. I can tell he came to play for real tonight and it made me excited to watch the rest of the show. 

***Side note: Was anyone else distracted by the sequins in Ray Chew”s hat?


Lauren Alaina “Wild One”

I think Lauren sounded great! She seemed more comfortable than she has all season. I would still love to hear her sing a song that allows her to be that comfortable, but that has more range to it. I still don”t think we”ve heard all she can do. Maybe she”s saving it for one of the later rounds. :-)

***Side note: Those were huge earrings, but she rocked them!


Haley Reinhart “What Is And What Should Never Be”

Chick. nailed. this. song. First of all…how cool to have her dad on stage playing for her? Secondly…she fell, but kept going. She laughed it off and nailed it anyway. That”s true artistry. It was really like a concert for me. 

***Side note: That dress was gorgeous and those shoes were worth falling in. 





Scotty McCreery “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not”

Ok…I really liked this song, but it had quite a few pitch issues. That”s not to say I didn”t think he did a good job. I just think he was just so relaxed that he wasn”t really concentrating on the pitch as much. The comfortable part is awesome, and I believe it”s what made me like the song anyway. That”s talent right there.

***Side note: I think it”s a little early to be comparing him to Garth Brooks and Bruce Springsteen, but that could be just because I think Garth is untouchable and Bruce is…Bruce. :-)


Lauren Alaina “If I Die Young”

Yep. Lauren is singing her heart out tonight. I know she missed the key change and I hate that for her, but she recovered and then picked it back up and sang the heck out of the rest of that song. 

***Side note: I would totally be embarrassed if they showed me getting makeup put on my legs.

***Side note two: If Haley had missed a key change, they totally would not have called it “getting caught up in the moment”


Haley Reinhart “Rhiannon”

To me, Haley is showing true artistry tonight. It was definitely a different vibe for tonight”s show and it was a welcome moment for me. I”m really enjoying her performances tonight, because I believe she”s focused on creating moments every time she gets on stage. That song was so hard too! Wow!

***Side note: It”s really hard to sing with a fan blowing down your throat, but it looked awesome! 





Scotty McCreery “She Believes In Me”

I really liked Scotty on this song. It was my favorite of his three songs. His pitch was so much better, and I think it was because he was concentrating so hard on hitting the chorus with strength. So glad the judges decided to stretch him. I think it really paid off. 

***Side note: Still distracted by Ray”s hat.

***Side note 2: Love that Scotty”s dad sang “Baby lock them doors…”

***Side note 3: Really love that he called the camera man by name in his off-stage interview and then corrected himself…too cute!


Lauren Alaina “I Hope You Dance”

Really judges? Really? Not that I don”t love this song, but it”s so predictable for Lauren. I just expected them to stretch her a little more. That being said, Lauren sang it so well. I really felt like she connected with the lyrics. 

***Side note: Did her dress kinda remind you of cotton candy? Mmmm…cotton candy.


Haley Reinhart “You Oughta Know”

This song has a crazy range. Kudos to Alanis Morissette for not ever making me notice that. Haley, however, struggled with the verses because they were too low for her. That chorus, though, was pure gold! She nailed it. Still trying to figure out why the judges picked it, though. I”m all about stretching the contestants, but they”ve been on her about finding out what kind of artist she is, and I never imagined they would think Alanis. 

***Side note: So glad she didn”t fall when she ran up the stairs this time. I totally held my breath though, just in case.


What’d you think?



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