Melissa Leo’s ‘Consider’ legacy lives on in new Pee-Wee and Kimmel Emmy ads

This is a little late because of the intense coverage needed to cover the MTV Tween Awards, er, MTV Movie Awards, but considering the events of last awards season it would be shameful not to give it the props it deserves.

It’s now clear that Melissa Leo’s personally funded “Consider…” for your consideration ads have now reached legendary status in the history of awards campaigning.  Like Sharon Stone blatantly gifting expensive watches to the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press in hopes of snagging a Golden Globe nomination or gossip-y campaigns to discredit “A Beautiful Mind” or “Saving Private Ryan,” Leo’s glamor ads (and not to mention her never-ending interviews about them) are now part of awards season lore.  Are we surprised then that not one, but two different Emmy contenders mocked her ads for their own amusement?

Appearing first out of the gate was this hilarious Pee-Wee Herman ad (the best part being the devilish look on his face).  Herman and the folks at HBO trying to get some attention for his Broadway special on the network.

Next, and requiring much more photoshop work, is this Jimmy Kimmel ad depicting another of Leo’s glamour shots. 

No doubt, many potential Emmy nominees may have had this idea and dropped it after Pee Wee and Kimmel’s ran.  Still, we have hope the cast of “Cougar Town,” “Hot in Cleveland,” “Mike and Molly” and “Sons of Anarchy” might step up to the plate. In fact, we’re sort of disappointed Stephen Colbert was beaten to the punch by Herman and Kimmel.  Won’t Colbert do anything to beat Jon Stewart at the Emmys?  Sigh. He’s likely too busy with that whole Colbert Super Pac thing to take the time.

Of course, one potential Emmy nominee who could star in one of these ads is none other than “Treme” star Leo herself.  She might even need an ad to remind viewers of her work in “Treme” and “Mildred Pearce.” She’s got to have some extra shots from the first photoshoot somewhere right?  Perhaps actually winning the Oscar was enough.  Dare to dream, no?

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