Michael Cera returning to TV with John Hawkes in a Charlie Kaufman FX comedy pilot

01.14.14 4 years ago

Michael Cera returning to TV with John Hawkes in a Charlie Kaufman FX comedy pilot
The “Arrested Development” star will join “Deadwood’s” John Hawkes in “Being John Malkovich” writer Kaufman’s “How And Why,” the “story of a man who can explain how and why a nuclear reactor works, but is clueless about life.”

Grammys will have a Beatles reunion

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will perform together at this year’s ceremony.

“Intelligence” suffers a huge drop-off in its timeslot debut

The Josh Holloway drama is down to “Hostages” numbers in its timeslot vs. “The Blacklist.”

Netflix orders “Marco Polo” to series
Nine episodes have been picked up of the drama originally developed by Starz.

“Malcolm in the Middle” mom Jane Kaczmarek joins USA comedy

She’ll also play a mom on “Playing House.”

“Breaking Bad”-like blue meth is being sold in New Mexico
Federal officials say they’ve spotted meth inspired by Walter White.

Lisa Kudrow’s “Web Therapy” earns another season
A 4th season of the Showtime series has been ordered.

DirecTV drops The Weather Channel

Says DirecTV: “Consumers understand there are now a variety of other ways to get weather coverage, free of reality show clutter, and that The Weather Channel does not have an exclusive on weather coverage – the weather belongs to everyone.”

“New Girl” fan Prince is a “Nick and Jess shipper!”
“He contacted us last season because he’s a huge fan,” says exec producer Brett Baer. “He knows everything about the show. He contacted Zooey (Deschanel) and Hannah (Simone) directly and asked to do the show. We couldn’t work it out last year. But when the Super Bowl thing was floated, it was perfect timing.”

Larry David makes another “Larry David Face” at an NBA game

See the “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star on the Jumbotron.

Watch Boyz II Men perform on “HIMYM”
“You Just Got Slapped.”

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