Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake show off dance moves in ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ video

05.14.14 5 years ago 3 Comments

Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson”s fans pay tribute to the King of Pop in the new video for “Love Never Felt So Good,” their duet from the newly released “Xscape.”

Because streaming now counts in the Billboard Hot 100 tabulations and because so many people use YouTube as a radio station, Epic had to come up with a video, and this one, while it feels cheesy at times, takes classic Jackson footage interspersed with Timberlake performing his part and then adds in young dancers reenacting certain scenes from Jackson”s videos or singing along to the track.

Deep fans will be able to trace every dance step back to a particular song/video and there are other homages to past clips, such as head movements similar to the ones in “Black & White,” for those who really want to dissect the video.

Timberlake finds himself surrounded by fans, as they sing the song together and he does his best Jackson imitation.

A clever lyric video may have suited the click bait purposes just as well, if not better, but I”m sure once Timberlake made himself available-and he totally commits to his performance here-there was no way they weren”t going to use him. And for many fans, seeing the  Jackson footage, which goes all the way back to his youth, will be a wonderfully bittersweet experience.

What do you think of the video for “Love Never Felt So Good?”

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