Exclusive clip: Michael Peña and Wes Bentley go legal in ‘Cesar Chavez’

In “Cesar Chavez,” its titular, historic character has many opportunities to show what it took to make a team. The civil rights and labor leader Chavez had few financial resources to hire aide in his strife to get the United Farm Workers union started in the 1960s.

Enter attorney Jerry Cohen. And enter here, in this HitFix exclusive clip, Michael Peña and Wes Bentley, who play Chavez and Cohen respectively in the biopic.

Despite hinting at a “complicated” past with his legal work, Cohen gets hired on the spot of the interview for General Counsel of the UFW — over a pool game and a beer. You may be stunned what his starting salary was, to help farm workers to earn their own decent wage.

“Cesar Chavez” also stars Rosario Dawson, America Ferrera and John Malkovich. It hits theaters tomorrow (March 28). Watch our interview with “Cesar Chavez” director Diego Luna here.