‘Midnight Special’ director is back with ‘Loving’ and it’s a must-see


Ever since seeing Take Shelter back in 2011, I've been continually blown away by Jeff Nichols. For my money, he's the best director working right this very moment.

Earlier this year I was blown away by Midnight Special and it continues to be at the top of my favorite films of 2016. 

I can't exactly pin-point why his films strike such a chord with me. I often hear people talk about the big concepts that he tackles with a small, intimate approach. I always come back to family, his incredible eye for detail and his awesome work with Michael Shannon.

Miri had a chance to chat with him earlier last week about his latest offering, Loving, which I know you'll all love as much as we did.

He touches on the development process, casting and what gives his movies the “Nichols” touch.

Sit back and soak this one in.


If you need more Jeff Nichols (and believe me, you do) watch this interview Drew McWeeny did with him about Midnight Special.

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