Watch: Miguel’s ‘The Thrill’ and ‘Do You…’ confirm ladies love Miguel

This week, after he released his album “Kaleidescope Dream” on Tuesday, Miguel dropped two new music videos that confirm that 1) he is good-looking 2) he has good-looking friends.

Not that I’m trying to look for a stronger brand than “good-looking,” but the full-length is dynamic, charismatic and fun-filled, which is hardly portrayed in “The Thrill.” It’s mostly a tour trailer for his tour trailer entourage, all in black and white (’cause he’s classy, get it).

The clip for “Do You…” is much more indicative of the song itself. “Do you like drugs / Do you like hugs… I’m gonna do you like drugs tonight” is hardly poetry: it’s cheesy and he knows it. That’s why he puts on a bit more of a show, inspired by nightclubs circa 1991, and makes out with a girl on a pool table, circa every movie starring Patrick Swayze. The clunky-ass product placement is the only thing to shake you from this boringly pleasant trip with the 25-year-old rising star.

Again, I loved the album. It just seems more colorful than black-and-white and stock Las Vegas B-roll.

According to Billboard, “Kaleidoscope Dream” should debut in the top 5 on the 200 chart next week, somewhere around No. 3 behind Muse.