Miley Cyrus, Drake and Lorde top this week’s Music Power Rankings

1. Drake: “Nothing Was The Same” sells 658,000 in its first week, the second-highest opening week tally of the year. Plus, Drake lands a staggering 12 cuts on the Billboard Hot 100. Who”s the biggest star, Kanye?

2. Badfinger: “Breaking Bad” exposes a whole new generation to “Baby Blue” and to the band, as the song”s sales soar 3,000% on iTunes. Will “Baby Blue” becomes the new “Don”t Stop Believing?”

3. Sinead O Connor: She praises Miley Cyrus for her talent in an open letter and cautions her against being used as a puppet, but by the third letter she”s threatening to sue the 20-year old. No good deed goes unpunished.

4. Miley Cyrus: She mocks Sinead O”Connor after she offers some unsolicited advice. Miley, I”ve seen you as a lot of things, but mean was never one of them.

5. Lauren Mayberry: In a stirring piece for The Guardian, The Chvrches singer questions why female musicians are barraged with violent, hate speech on the Internet. Sinead? Do you want to tackle that one?

6. Lorde: The 16-year-old hits No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with her single, “Royals,” releases her debut album, makes her U.S. television debut on “Jimmy Fallon,” making all other 16-year olds look like slackers. 

7: AEG Live: The concert promoter is found not negligent in Michael Jackson’s death.

8. YouTube: Because we have to have an award for everything, video channel YouTube will now hold its own awards ceremony honored musicians whose videos receive the most views. Psy and Baauer, step right up to accept your trophies.

9. Lauryn Hill: Timed with her release from prison, she releases a new song, “Consumerism.” Written before she went to jail for tax evasion, it”s a stinging indictment of politicians and just about everybody. She admits she”s “not hip on everything going on” while she”s been incarcerated. Imagine what she”ll write when she hears about the government shutdown!

10. Polly Anthony:
The former head of Epic and Geffen succumbs to pancreatic cancer. She was a formidable executive who will be deeply missed.