Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman get bloody in ‘The Killing’ season 4 posters

“The Killing” returns for one last case this summer, and two new posters promise that stars Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman will be getting their hands dirty — and bloody. 

The series, which originally aired on AMC, was picked up by Netflix for a 6 episode final season which picks up right after the season 3 finale.

Both haunted by their actions in the previous season, Detectives Linden (Enos) and Holder (Kinnaman) have to investigate a mass murder which left a family dead. The only survivor was teenaged boy Kyle (Tyler Ross), who attends an elite military academy run by Colonel Margaret Rayne (Joan Allen).

Kinnaman looks serious:

But Enos can play the looking-serious game just as well:

The new season also stars Gregg Henry, Sterling Beaumon and Levi Meaden.   

“The Killing” returns August 1 on Netflix.