Motley Crue hits Sin City in February for 12-date residency

Motley Crue is the latest act to take up a residency in Las Vegas. The “Girls, Girls, Girls” band will play 12 shows at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s The Joint between Feb. 3 and Feb. 19.

“The show we are putting together right now is something that we have never done in our lives,” lead singer Vince Neil said during a teleconference on Nov. 30. “Since it”s a stationary show, and doesn”t have to move around, we can do all kinds of stuff that we”ve only really dreamed about.” He added that “this show that we”re putting together isn”t a traditional Vegas show-you”re not going to go sit in a seat and then stare at the band and wait for the band to come on. You know, this is an interactive show we”re putting on which is it”s going to encompass the whole venue.”

Anticipating that fans will attend more than one show, drummer Tommy Lee added that the band intends to mix up the set every night. “I would imagine our plans are probably to switch it up because, if you”re doing a Friday, Saturday, Sunday there, chances are, there might be some people coming in to see, two shows or maybe even three, you know, while they”re there for the week.”

An offer has been on the table for while, said Neil- who lives in Las Vegas- but the band had declined until now. “Actually just the timing was right. it was  we got the offer, and we”re putting together our plans for 2012 and this starting in beginning of February just worked out perfect for the timing about what Motley Crue is actually doing.”

Santana has also done a residency at the Joint at the  Hard Rock, but Las Vegas residencies have tended to focus more on veteran pop acts like Elton John, Celine Dion and Rod Stewart, or country acts like Garth Brooks.

Neil hopes the residency could lead the way for other hard rock bands to come to Las Vegas. “I think it really opens the doors for other bands, for the casino owners and managers to say, ‘Wow, this really works and this could be something.” And they can get in some other way-cool bands and start doing the residencies also. So it”s going to open a lot of doors for bands in this city.”

The band will take up residency in Las Vegas in mid-January for rehearsals. Tickets go on sale Dec. 3 at Ticket prices on sale now in a pre-sale for American Express card members range from $81-$41.
The residency will include Valentine”s Day, which Lee, the romantic, is already looking forward to. “Man, I could just imagine, you know, people bringing in their, you know, girlfriends, wives, hookers, whatever they”re doing in Vegas to a show,” he joked. ” So I”m sure we”ll, you know, tailor something specific to that day.”

Motley Crue, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary together, is also in the very early stages of working on a new album. Lee said the members are writing individually and then “we”ll throw all of our music in a pile when it becomes time and we”ll get at it. ”