Come be disturbingly attracted to this “Grimm” season 4 monster

When a supernatural show entering its 4th season invites you to come see their latest batch of monstrous bad guys, there are certain expectations. Monsters need to be vaguely humanoid (because men in rubber suits) and properly horrifying. “Grimm” got it half right. Because this Manopus – sorry Gedächtnis Esser – is definitely humanoids. Which is the problem.

I should not be staring at a half-octopus, half-man's junk…but here we are.

Image Credit: NBC via Entertainment Weekly

According to executive producer Jim Kouf, this creature burrows his tentacles into the victim's head, stealing their memories and leaving them with dementia. So he's basically supermodel Cthulhu. If ever an eldritch beast from the primordial soup before the dawn of time was primed to be a hentai superstar, it's this guy.

Do you think he's the outcast at home? I mean, when the other Lovecraftian monsters look like this…and this…is a conventionally attractive human body with a tentacle-head considered hideous to them? Perhaps this guy – we'll call him Fred – has been desperately seeking validation. Not finding it in his own community, he turns to the human world. A place where rock-hard abs and strategically jutting pants seams are appreciated.

“Grimm” returns to NBC on Friday, October 24.