New ‘True Detective’ Season 2 trailer finally gives us Nic Pizzolatto dialogue

That first trailer for “True Detective” gave us all of the scowling, urban mood poetry and Colin Farrell mustache we could ever want, but it was still somewhat disappointing to try to reimmerse ourselves in Nic Pizzolatto's world without being properly reminded of what sort of circle time was.

Fortunately, the second “True Detective” trailer features dialogue and it's as Pizzolattoish — Pizzolatto-esque? Pizzolatto-y? — as you could possibly hope for.

Not only have we been granted more of Vince Vaughn's furrowed brow more of Farrell's mustache and graying temples and more of Taylor Kitsch's cheekbones, which could be used as a handy tool for breaking and entering, but we also get pearls of wisdom like:

“Sometimes your worst self is your best self.”

And also:

“My strong suspicion is we get the world we deserve.”

Interestingly, Rachel McAdams' Ani Bezzerides doesn't get to muse on the nature of the world or self. She actually has the first trailered hints of the Season 2 plot as she gets stabby and sad about a missing girl and general apathy.

Check out the trailer:

June 21 really can't get here soon enough. You pumped?

Also, check out four new pictures below, once again distributed with one picture for each of the leads: