Northeast snow storm may curb Grammys and BAFTA attendance

02.08.13 6 years ago

Don’t worry, America. Justin Bieber is already in New York for his “Saturday Night Live” appearance. But folks trapped in the Northeast during this weekend’s predicted snowpacalypse may not be able to watch him on the episode if the power goes out.

The global pop superstar has been retweeting fans’ anxious messages today as the impending Winter Storm Nemo approaches New York, Boston and other big cities in the Northeast. “SNL” will be handing out tickets tonight (Feb. 8) as opposed to 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, a change to their usual policy so that fans won’t have to wait in the cold overnight.

Bieber’s fans aren’t the only music lovers who may suffer this weekend, as a predicted one- to three-feet of snow and major wind gusts have led to the cancellations of around 3,000 flights. Pretty common — except that it’s a big entertainment weekend. As the Hollywood Reporter points out, attendees to the Grammys, the American Society of Cinematographers Awards, the Sci-Tech Oscars and the BAFTA Awards may get stuck under the snow due to unmoving flights. The first-ever Emmy Kids Awards and Fashion Week in New York may also experience delays and cancellations.

Especially on Sunday, when most of these ceremonies take place, we’ll know better who had to miss out. Many performers and presenters at the Grammys are already in L.A, for rehearsals that took place on Wednesday, Thursday and those tonight.

The winners in all this: the Weather Channel, who are losing their minds.

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