‘Now You See Me’ sequel bringing back director Louis Leterrier


The magically inclined criminals of Now You See Me will be back for another heist, as Lionsgate announced a sequel earlier this month. Also coming back for the follow-up: director Louis Leterrier.

Leterrier confirmed his involvement as director of the Now You See Me sequel in an interview with Coming Soon, saying, “I”m currently, not writing, but we”re coming up with the story, the plot, the everything, the twist and the new characters and everything. It was always at least a diptych, two movies, to tell one long story, so yeah, I”m very much involved in it.”

According to the filmmaker, a scene was shot for Now You See Me that would have set up the upcoming sequel. That scene was ultimately cut from the film.

“It was sort of ending up (with the movie) in ‘onto further adventures,” which is fine, but we don”t really do that,” he said. “We had a scene that we kept and when Lionsgate and Summit said, ‘Yeah, let”s do a sequel,” I said, ‘Okay let”s put it on the DVD and do the longer cut. It”s after the credits, but I was very conscious of not jinxing it. This summer I saw a couple of movies where they had ‘sequelitis” and you totally jinx it, but this was only for the DVD and only for the Blu-ray.”

As for when to expect the sequel, Leterrier said, “I don”t know if it”s going to be my next movie. I know we want to do it pretty fast but I might be able to do another movie in between.”