Official ‘Mad Men’ wish list shows us the stories fans will never get now

Over the years, “Mad Men” evolved with the times. But in the flurry to keep up with the ever-changing face of 1960s advertising, certain characters and side plots were forgotten or shoved aside.

But that doesn”t mean creator Matthew Weiner didn”t want to address them. He just ran out of time.

During a Writer”s Guild Foundation Q&A, Weiner produced a well-loved piece of paper that had every plot point the show hoped to deal with before the series ended. Some came to pass, some morphed into other storylines, and some never got their moment in the sun.

Image Credit: Anthony Breznican

A couple of fascinating points to me.

• Peggy”s baby does come back up before the end of the series, just not on Catherine”s deathbed. Instead audiences got the emotional punch of Peggy putting Stan in his place, reminding him there are secrets people keep that no one else has any way of knowing.

• We never do find out what happened to Sal.

• We get a glimpse of Harry”s post-divorce life but only to see that he”s completed his transformation into a Grade-A jerkface.

• That gun client story may have been scrapped after the incident that cost Ken his eye.

• Instead of climbing the social ladder, Pete realizes what”s truly important to him and gives NYC the old heave-ho for greener pastures in middle America.

What about you guys? Are there any plot points mentioned on the Wish List you would”ve liked to have seen? Some you”re glad never came to pass?